Universe Tea aims at providing a one stop solution to all types of the tea required by the customer trading in value added teas and to become a leading sourcing company for the designer teas in the very near future.

Universe Tea will strive to bring out innovative products and help achieve Designer tea concept. After understanding the desired type of tea products, we will work towards sourcing the right tea, appropriate blend, perfect packaging and timely shipment to the intended ports all over the world. In other words, the trading firms need to specify the requirement with samples of tea or suggest the blend and the rest can be delivered by the "Universe Tea- a Tea Solution Enterprise".

History and some land mark events on Tea

Some land mark events on Tea.
In 2737 B.C. the second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water or so the story goes.

Its Chai Time

When cold weather hits, a hot cup of tea is the ultimate winter warmer, but this year why not try the spicy blend of herbs added to traditional Indian chai for a extra heat boost?

Tea and Environment

The word environment depicts a vast area. The protection of the environment is vital for Sustainable Human Development. Relevant factors of environment include food, waste, energy, natural resources, toxic substances etc.

Tea and Health

Reports supporting the health benefits of tea drinking keep pouring in on news, TV channels, web sites and Research Journals. There’s simply no denying that a daily pot of tea does the body good.