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Its Chai Time

When cold weather hits a hot cup of tea is the ultimate winter warmer, but this year why not try the spicy blend of herbs added to traditional Indian chai for a extra heat boost?


It's the drink that unites India. Chai - a blend of black tea, creamy milk, sugar and spices - is the country's signature drink but it's also perfect for a dull December day in the UK. According to Michael Wright, Senior Blender at Twinings, “Chai is a particularly good tea for Brits to drink at this time of year. When it is bleak, wet and windy outside, the spices in chai are invigorating and warming.” The UK seems to have taken chai to heart this year - it's currently #1 at several tea sellers. It seems our taste for exotic, spiced foods has spread to include this tasty tea! While all tea will refresh you (the very low levels of caffeine in tea help to recharge your batteries) chai's warm spices have a comforting whiff of a traditional Western Christmas about them too (think mild wine but without the horrible hangover!) making it an ideal antidote to the Winter blues


Sometimes called masala chai, chai simply translates as the Hindi for tea and was quickly adapted by English speakers into the slangword, char. Today chai and tea are thought of as two separate drinks with chai specifically meaning a highly spiced, sweet, milky brew. Michael Wright reveals that in India, “chai is enjoyed by the working man. It’s mixed with lots of milk and sugar and served on the side of the street in little earthenware pots, poured dramatically from big, metal tea pots.